Explaining Explainer Videos

By: Lauren Scheib

Explainer videos are short animations that allow brands to tell their story in a concise, entertaining and memorable way. If done well, an explainer video has the ability to communicate an abstract concept, tell an emotional story and deliver a call-to-action – making a strong impact on target viewers in less than two minutes. Don’t […]


Pitch Perfect, Every Time

By: Eleana Collins

Getting ink in today’s media landscape is no easy task. Newsrooms are understaffed and reporters are underworked, but despite the challenges, there are ways to approach your PR mission that help you stand out among the masses. And while no exact formula leads to guaranteed success, it’s not as much of a mystery as you […]


Why is Internal Branding Important?

By: Shana Harris

We all know that branding is important – for many successful companies, their brand is the single most valuable asset. Done well, a strong brand helps to create: • Memorable Points of Distinction • Preference • Demand • More Loyal Clients • Ability to Charge Premium Pricing • Better Employee Morale • Higher Employee Retention […]


Digitial Marketing Trends That Demand Your Attention

By: Maddie Slezak

What makes digital marketing so effective? It has the ability to seamlessly integrate into a consumer’s daily routine and present them with a highly relevant brand experience. There are a lot of digital tools available to marketers that do a great job of meeting consumers where they are and presenting them with a compelling case […]


Deadpool: What ‘The Merc with a Mouth’ Can Teach Us about Successful Branding

By: Alex Gibson

During the past decade, comic book characters have become a mainstay for movie audiences […]


Super Bowl Ad Winners And Losers

By: David Warschawski

Of the more than 100 million people who tuned in last night to watch the Super Bowl, statistically about half of them cared as much, if not more, about the ads than the score[…]


What Makes A Great Super Bowl Ad

By: David Warschawski

America has a love affair with Super Bowl advertising. But too often it is a misguided affair that belies a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes an ad great[…]


The Hidden ROI of Branding

By: Sam Ruchlewicz

“Why should we spend money on clarifying and building our brand when we need sales now?” It’s a question that is all too common in marketing circles today. The story that surrounds that question is just as familiar: following the Great Recession, companies slashed marketing budgets and demanded quantifiable results to justify the investment made in […]


When the Going Gets Tough, Don’t Give up Marketing Communications

By: Shana Harris

We have all been there – budgets get cut for a variety of reasons and there are tough decisions to make. One of the first areas that often gets cut is marketing communications. Why? It is one of the hardest areas of business to show direct ROI and the folks crunching the numbers often do […]


How Being a Journalism Graduate Started My Marketing Career

By: Katie Spector

I called more than 50 newspaper editors in the past three months, and I’m not a journalist. Hearing those words roll off my tongue as I write them—“I’m not a journalist”—is surprising. I spent the first two years of my college career falling in love with journalism and imagining myself nestled in a tiny cubicle […]


Five Pillars of Luxury Marketing

By: Eleana Collins

Everyone knows that person who only buys a certain watch brand or has to have a particular pair of shoes. Most of the time, the purchase is extravagant and unnecessary – often based on an emotional need rather than a practical need. Successful luxury brands entice people to spend more money on items, even during […]


Why Press Releases Still Matter and How to Get Value from Yours

By: Christina Pratt

Is the press release dead? Absolutely not, however, just like the media landscape has evolved during the years, so has the press release. In the past, press releases were written almost solely for the purpose of convincing a journalist to write a story. Today, there are a variety of other reasons to continue the age-old […]


How to Live Tweet Your Event

By: Eliza Findlay

Live-Tweeting: (verb) to post on Twitter during an event in an ongoing way. That’s the text book definition, sounds pretty simple, right? However, the actual ins and outs of running a successful live-tweeting campaign can be complex and should be strategic and well thought-out. Live-tweeting is an excellent way to expand your reach outside the […]


Nike and Adidas Play for Brand Equity at the World Cup

By: Alex Gibson

The World Cup is just around the corner – and I couldn’t be more excited! As 32 nations prepare to battle it out for the most prestigious trophy in the game, many of the world’s leading brands are also getting ready to use this massive platform to engage with their core audiences. Two of these […]


Measuring Marketing ROI

By: Michele Tomlinson

It’s the golden marketing question – the one that every client asks before they launch a new marketing initiative, the one that well … doesn’t always have a straightforward answer. The question is “what is the return on investment?” Return on investment is an important metric in determining if something is successful and it’s also […]